Meet Our Staff

Meet Our Staff

Michelle Zapotoski

Hi. I am Michelle Zapotoski and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, or LPC. More specifically, I am someone who sparks change in people’s lives and detrimental life patterns.

Imagine a happier and simpler life. No constant strife, no destructive patterns, no daily sadness-each and every one of us has a potential for this kind of life. Whether it be relationship patterns, alcohol abuse, weight issues, anxiety, depression-we can all benefit from being freed from our unhealthy patterns. Through working together, you can achieve this! The process of therapy can help you grow more than you ever thought was possible.

I consider myself to be a lifelong student. I can always be found enrolled in various classes or conducting independent research. My ultimate goal is to learn about my clients and their particular needs; in return, I would like to teach them how to get those needs met. I believe that each and every one of us can have a fulfilling life. If you are ready to explore what is getting in your way and figure out what to do next, give me a call or text-570-762-6358. My office is in Mountain Top, PA.

Levi Y. Wolff, LPC, MS, NCC

I am a 30 year old husband and father of 5 wonderful children. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Pennsylvania, and I am a certified counselor by the National Board of Certified Counselors. I received my Master’s degree in Clinical Counseling from Bellevue University. I have experience working with adolescents and young adults with anxiety, trauma, depression, addiction, and relationship issues.

I have experience and certified training in CBT, EMDR, REBT, DBT, ACT, Solution-Focused Therapy, Relationship Counseling, Depression Counseling, Stress & Anxiety Counseling, Trauma Counseling, Addiction Counseling, Life Coaching, and Hypnotherapy.

I have a passion for helping others and enjoy watching my clients make positive changes in their lives.

Sarah Kosloski, LSW

I think we can all agree, life has been a little unpredictable lately and everyone could benefit from direction and positivity.  I see clients ages 16 and older and my primary focus is on anxiety & depression related symptoms. We could all use some friendly guidance in these uncertain times and how we can healthily cope with change in our lives. Often this type of input and learning tends to make more sense when it’s coming from a professional, with a neutral point of view; versus a friend or family member.

I primarily use cognitive behavioral therapy and am a firm believer in meeting my clients where they are. We all have transitionary periods in our lives and like most things in life, some cause more stress than others. Being able to recognize the benefit of reaching out to someone when you’re struggling is half the battle and something you should feel proud and positively about.

I believe laughter (and music) are the best medicine in life and that if we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we can always find a reason to smile. I would be honored to help you take the next step to add that smile back to your face and to help you live your best life.