Meet Our Staff

Meet Our Staff

Hi. We are the staff at Mountaintop Counseling, LLC. More specifically, we are a group who sparks change in people’s lives and detrimental life patterns.
Imagine a happier and simpler life. No constant strife, no destructive patterns, no daily sadness-each and every one of us has a potential for this kind of life. Whether it be relationship patterns, alcohol abuse, weight issues, anxiety, depression-we can all benefit from being freed from our unhealthy patterns. Through working together, you can achieve this! The process of therapy can help you grow more than you ever thought possible.

We consider ourselves to be lifelong students. Our staff can always be found enrolled in various classes or conducting independent research. Our ultimate goal is to learn about our clients and their particular needs; in return, we would like to teach them how to get those needs met. We believe that each and every one of us can have a fulfilling life. If you are ready to explore what is getting in your way and figure out what to do next, give us a call or text- 570-762-6358. Our office is located in Mountain Top, PA.

Michelle Zapotoski

Owner, Licensed Professional Counselor, NCC

Lauren Martonick

Licensed Professional Counselor

Sarah Kosloski

Licensed Social Worker

Mrs. Michelle Klug

Office Manager

Leila Tucker

Licensed Social Worker

Judi Omerzo

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Robyn Docherty

Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Art Therapist